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Hello, my name is Todd Nelson.  I am a Naturopath, serving the Colorado area for the past 36 years.  In my practice, I help many women who are going through menopause with natural remedies.  Many of them come to us with severe symptoms of hot flashes.   

As you may know, there are many research studies on the side effects of regular  medication.  
I want to offer you a FREE report called "3 Steps for Safely Escaping Hot Flash Hell"  

In this report, you will discover some of the natural remedy considerations that avoid the  side effects and also control the hormonal changes in the body.

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3 Steps for Safely Escaping Hot Flash Hell
Inside this report, you will learn the latest research on the following questions:

*  The latest research on why women have hot flashes and other symptoms during menopause

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* Natural plant and herbal remedies to assist you during menopause

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Here are some of the Frequently Asked Question by our clients...
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How early can I go through menopause?
Some women go through menopause earlier than the average age. This could be in your early 40’s, or even in your late 30’s. 
How long does menopause last?
Once you are in menopause it is for the rest of your life. The symptoms associated to menopause can last from months to years.
What age do hot flashes typically start?
Hot flashes can start in peri-,menopause as early as age 45. But the age varies widely from early peri-menopause to early menopause, to even late menopause. The average ages are 49-52.
How many years will I have hot flashes?
If they come on in early peri-menopause or menopause, they can last up to 13 years! The later they come in the menopause process, the shorter the years you will experience the hot flashes.
What tests should I do to determine if I am in menopause?
The standard test your doctor can do to determine if you are now in menopause is the FSH (Follicle Stimulating Hormone) blood test. If it is high, it means you are not ovulating. Being officially in menopause means you haven’t menstruated for a year and your FSH is constantly high- over 30 in most labs. Ask your physician to screen you if you suspect you are in menopause.
What are the most common symptoms of menopause?
Hot flashes and sleep disturbances are the most common complaint when women enter menopause. Many women complain of memory going down, mood changes, and starting to sweat spontaneously, especially at night. Fatigue, weight gain, and vaginal dryness may also be issues.
What causes you to get hot flashes?
Medical science is not entirely clear on what, exactly, cause hot flashes when you enter menopause. We do know that once progesterone and estrogen start lowering – especially estrogen, (as they naturally do at this time of life), there is more “vascular instability”, where the blood vessels under the surface of the skin can suddenly dilate ; you turn red, feel hot, and may even sweat.
Can I get hot flashes during my period?
Yes, this is possible , especially if you are in peri-menopause. They're related to the fluctuation and decline in estrogen levels, which can narrow the range of temperatures the body can tolerate (called the thermoneutral zone). Each month can be a little different level of estrogen, so depending on your you level and your core body temperature, you can have hot flashes.
What can cause early menopause?
Long term smokers may be more prone to early menopause symptoms. Very thin women are more prone to early menopause because they don’t have the fat cells to contribute to estrogen production. Sometimes early menopause can be a sign of and underlying autoimmune disease. Possibly genetics might contribute to early menopause. Any condition that may reduce estrogen in your body can induce early menopause. Menopause can be surgically induced with a hysterectomy and /or ovary removal. 
What is peri-menopause?
Peri-menopause means "around menopause" and refers to the time before you naturally transition toward permanent infertility (menopause). You may notice changes like menstrual irregularity, sometime in your 40s, but some women notice changes as early as their mid-30s.
This is because estrogen rises and falls unevenly during peri-menopause. Your menstrual cycles may lengthen or shorten, and you may begin having menstrual cycles in which your ovaries don't release an egg (ovulate).

Can I get hot flashes when pregnant?
Yes, hormones are shifting, especially when estrogen drops, and you could get hot flashes and also get very sensitive to the heat.
Are there certain body areas I can get hot flashes?
Most women feel hot flashes all over, but some feel them more around the neck, chest, armpits, and face.
What should I take to relieve menopause symptoms?
There are a number of natural, safe products that are herbal-based that have scientific and clinical research for relieving hot flashes, improving sleep, reducing anxiety and helping mood, etc. It is best to have a professional consultation to find out what may be best for you, personally. For a free 15 minute consultation call (303) 969-3051
Are there herbs I can safely take for menopause?
Yes, there are a number of herbs that can be helpful for menopause symptoms like Black Cohosh and some exciting new ones’ 
How long does a hot flash last?
It varies widely among women, but typically seconds to minutes.
Can i get hot flashes after menopause?
Yes, after menopause is the time that hot flashes become the most prevalent.
How do I get rid of menopausal belly fat?
As estrogen goes down, metabolism slows and belly fat can accumulate. You may gain belly fat for the first time in your life. This is a time that exercise, diet, and correct supplementation plays a key role in burning the belly fat, and preventing too much accumulation of fat around the middle which can increase risk for heart disease, cancer, and diabetes. We offer FirstLine Therapy as a clinically-proven program for burning bodyfat.
How can I get more energy during menopause?
Fatigue is a big complaint in menopause. Along with estrogen going lower, the thyroid and adrenal glands may be slowing down as well. Functional Medicine testing for thyroid and adrenal function is useful to determine if they are underactive. There are dietary and supplements to support energy production that work very well.
What can I do when I get hot flashes?
a. Wear layers of clothes so you can adjust clothing to how you feel.
b. Sip ice water at the onset of the hot flash.
c. Get fresh, circulating air as soon as possible.
d. Wear only cotton at night and use cotton bedsheets.
e. Use ice packs.

What can I to do to get rid of hot flashes?
The most important step to make is get evaluated for your particular issues related to hot flashes, and then get a plan for taking the right supplements or hormones to alleviate them. Most women can completely, and safely, eliminate hot flashes through non-hormonal, natural therapies.
What can I buy for hot flashes?
There are natural supplements that relieve hot flashes. Call our office (303)969-3051 for a free 15 minute consultation to get expert guidance.
What to get for hot flashes? 
If you are choosing a natural approach, there are some safe, professional herbal extracts that can help to eliminate the hot flashes. Call our office (303)969-3051 for a free 15 minute consultation to find out what might be best for you.
Should I take estradiol for menopause?
Estradiol is an estrogen Some women can have increased risk for cancer taking estradiol. There are safe, non-hormonal or bio-identical alternatives that you will need professional guidance with. Your physician can evaluate you to see if estradiol is right for you.
Should I eat flaxseed for menopause?
Yes! Ground flax seeds help detoxify the body of estrogen break-down products. It also help promote regularity and promotes feeling full.
What should I eat to get rid of hot flashes?
Cooling foods: watermelon, salads, cool drinks, cucumber, fresh cold fruit, non-GMO soybean products, lots of cruciferous vegetables, berries, pomegranate, ground flax seed.
What causes hot flashes to get worse?
Indoor and outdoor heat, too much sugar, alcohol, being sedentary, being overweight, stress, tight clothing, smoking.
What factors aggravate hot flashes?
Lifestyle habits that make hot flashes worse can be: Smoking, drinking alcohol- especially at night, being overweight, hot weather outside or inside, physical inactivity. Also, too much caffeine, too much hot food or beverages, spicy food, excess or tight clothing, and general stress.
What should I take to get rid of hot flashes?
There are many natural remedies that work very well: extracts from Black Cohosh, ERr 731 extract – from health professionals only, 5HTP, and if needed, natural hormones. Call our office (303)969-3051 for a FREE 15 minute consultation to get expert guidance.
How much soy can I eat for hot flashes?
There is a lot of controversial information on soy, but eating non-GMO, organic soy a few times a week provides chemicals called isoflavones that have a balancing effect on estrogen. It is very safe.
Should I consider drugs like anti-depressants, Gabapentin, or anti-anxiety drugs for hot flashes?
These should only be considered if none of the safe, natural remedies work, or if you have a history of cancer or active cancer right now. This should be thoroughly evaluated by your health professional. Majority of women are doing extremely well with highly researched natural remedies. 
Can I get hot flashes from anxiety?
Yes, anxiety can increase the incidence of hot flashes. The hot flashes themselves can aggravate anxiety.
Can you get hot flashes from diabetes?
There is some evidence that if you have diabetes, you might be more prone to getting hot flashes.
How often will I get hot flashes?
The experience is unique for every woman. Some women have them 2-3x weekly, others have them hourly. It depends on how imbalanced you are with hormones.
How can i get rid of hot flashes naturally?
Taking certain herbal extracts that are proven safe and provide relief for hot flashes. Eating a Mediterranean diet and aerobic exercise balance adrenal and thyroid function.
Can I get hot flashes after a hysterectomy?
Hot flashes after a hysterectomy are very common – especially if you lose your ovaries - which make the bulk of your estrogen.
Can I get hot flashes in early pregnancy?
Yes – hormones are fluctuating during the early pregnancy, so it is definitely possible to get hot flashes.
Can I get hot flashes when I am 20?
Highly unlikely
Can I get hot flashes when I am 30?
Can I get hot flashes when I am 38?
Can I get hot flashes when I am 40?
What is the youngest age to get hot flashes?
Typically around age 45. Occasionally it can be younger.
How many years will I have hot flashes?
Anywhere from One to Thirteen years. 
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