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Are You Tired of Not Getting Results from Conventional Healthcare Approaches?
7 Reasons Why the Naturopathic Approach Could Provide the Answers You Are Looking For.

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People tell me their stories of “hitting the wall” with conventional approaches; they do what they are told, only to end up not getting the results they are looking for. This can be very discouraging. Have you had that experience? If so, this report is for you.

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Todd Nelson, D.Sc., Naturopath  

Well-known holistic practitioner, author, lecturer, in the Denver/Boulder area for the past 36 years. 
After carefully listening to you and understanding your specific health issues, I then design a solution-based program that fits your needs. 

This may include dietary changes, exercise, professional supplements, stress reduction, and detoxification.

As a Naturopath I work like a lifestyle coach, providing sophisticated tools to finally recover your health. Please visit our testimonials page to see what our clients have to say. 
Want to restore your health safely, naturally, and effectively?
I have been providing personalized health consultations for the past 36 years to clients in Colorado.

After consulting with thousands of clients in Colorado and across the country,  I am proud to offer health consultations for individuals with issues ranging from digestive issues, blood sugar problems like diabetes,  women's health issues, to chronic pain, fatigue, and many others. 

A Naturopathic approach could give you the answers you’re looking for!

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Here's what our clients frequently ask us...
Who is a Naturopath?
There are several definitions of Naturopaths. There are traditional Naturopaths that have 4 year trainings in holistic health care, integrating all aspects of lifestyle intervention including: nutrition, dietary supplements, detoxification, herbs, homeopathy, exercise, stress reduction, and lifestyle modification. There are also licensed Naturopathic Doctors in states that are meet licensing requirements for different states.
What services do Naturopaths offer?
A Naturopath does a thorough assessment of all aspect of an individuals health history and health goals, decides on appropriate testing, and then designs a personalized lifestyle program for health recovery and achieving optimal health as harmlessly and as safely as possible.
Can Naturopaths or a Naturopathic Doctor order lab tests?
Most Naturopaths can order lab tests. Many prefer Functional Medicine lab tests that reveal subtle chemical imbalances, which helps the practitioner to determine what kind of therapy or intervention you will need. This can include blood, saliva, urine, genomic, and stool testing.  
What is a Naturopathic Doctor's approach?
A Naturopath seeks to identify and remove the underlying causes of conditions rather than simply suppress or modify symptoms. They employ those techniques, habits, procedures, and complimentary therapies that naturally encourage your own bodies' ability to heal itself when provided the right tools.
How can I start getting help from Tree of Life Wellness Center?
The best way to start would be to schedule a FREE 15 minute consultation by calling (303)969-3051 or visiting our webpage We conduct consultations over the phone or on Skype for people who cannot visit our office locations in Boulder and Lakewood. 
How does a Naturopathic Doctor, Holistic  or Functional medicine practitioner work with people?
First an foremost the practitioner acts like a coach - helping you play the game of practicing exceptional self care on a daily basis. Restoring health takes changing daily habits like how you eat, exercise, take dietary supplements, reduce stress, and detoxify. This gives your cells and systems new messages that supports them in reducing toxic stress, inflammation and damage, thereby allowing the restoration of normal function. Changing daily health habits is the single most powerful approach to restoring your health, preventing disease, and thriving in optimal health.
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Todd Nelson, D.Sc., Naturopath Denver Colorado

Proudly serving Colorado region as a Naturopath for the past 34 years.