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From the Desk of Todd Nelson
Written on March 8th, 2016
Welcome to the Tree of Life Wellness Center! I’m Todd Nelson, D.Sc., Naturopath. My team and I have had the privilege of providing thousands of  individuals and families the very best holistic health  care programs for the past 36 years. Our ongoing  commitment is to assist you in recovering your health and achieving your highest level of wellness with safe,  
natural, cutting-edge programs, based in Functional Medicine. 

Our approach is truly holistic, integrating all the essential ingredients into a personalized program for  creating optimal health; Diet, professional-grade dietary supplements, detoxification, fitness, herbs, and stress reduction are all key factors for producing successful outcomes. After a thorough evaluation, you will be coached on a do-able plan designed just for  

Our motto is, “Creating well-being through the power of choice." The choices you make each day – the way you eat, breathe, move, think, relate, rest, recreate, express, and work- determines how much wellness  you will experience. These choices interplay with your genetics and your environment to create the  sum-total of your health. Our job is to empower you with the best tools possible, to teach you the options you have, and to coach and support you in implementing these new choices into your daily habits. Nothing less will prevent illness, overcome health problems, and sustain a high level of functional every day. 

Imagine the results that are possible on your journey back into restoring your health: Experiencing life with high energy, mental clarity, sleeping well, feeling motivated, experiencing less pain, more joy, and functioning well as you age! 

The rewarding journey of health improvement is always within your reach. We are here to serve you to  accomplish that journey. 

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Thanks so much for visiting,
Todd Nelson
Founder of Tree of Life Wellness Center
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